What We Do

Our mission as an HOA management company is twofold. First, Intempus provides services that help HOA boards to create efficient, healthy, and financially secure communities. Potential risks associated with self-managed HOAs are numerous. At the crux of the struggle is that the unpaid volunteers elected to HOA boards find association responsibilities to be too burdensome. Discontent can arise from lack of governing consistency and claims that enforcement practices are unfair due to favoritism. Secondly, we seek to ensure that our HOA management services make life more enjoyable for homeowners and board members.


What to Expect

1 Management of Collections and Accounts Receivable

The handling of HOA funds is a continuous task that can quickly overwhelm the volunteers on any HOA Board. Intempus tracks revenue daily. We promptly follow up with homeowners about arears and make late fee assessments. Efficiency in the management of collections as well as accounts receivable consistently keeps financial matters on track. HOA Boards are advised when it’s appropriate to place a lien or foreclose against delinquent homeowners. All legal matters, such as foreclosures, are handled according to state requirements.

2 Vendor Management

Our streamlined methods for vendor management and utility payments keep important HOA services up and running. Vendor payments are made by check on a weekly basis and sent to the HOA Treasurer with copies of related invoices. Stamped, addressed envelopes are included, making it easy to mail out vendor checks.

3 Financial Reporting, Budgeting, Taxes, & More

The HOA Treasurer and board members who request copies receive monthly financial reports, including a delinquency report. Tax preparation and a financial review is coordinated annually with the HOA’s CPA. This includes the processing of 1099 forms for vendors. A proposed annual budget is submitted to the Board at least 4 months before the fiscal year’s end.

4 Requests for Maintenance and Architectural Changes

Intempus handles processing and monitoring of all maintenance requests via a work order system. The Board approves special and non-routine maintenance requests. Per the request of the HOA Board, up to three bids will be obtained on projects costing more than $1,000.

5. Management and Supervision

Your Intempus property manager will handle all agreed-upon duties, keep up communication, perform site visits, attend meetings when requested, supervise all contracts, negotiate contracts at the request and approval of the Board, handle legal issues in coordination with an attorney, and much more.

6. HOA Management Website

Homeowners are given access to our Intempus HOA Management website, where HOA community residents can access the Association’s Governing Documents and more.


These and many other services are offered by Intempus. Please request official proposal from us using Contact Us Form.


Intempus Headquarters and History

Intempus Realty is headquartered in Santa Clara County, California. Originally founded by Michael Khesin in 2004, Intempus is now owned and operated by Michael and Eugene Korsunsky. Michael, titled CEO and Principal Broker, and Eugene, titled as President have been successfully running the company together almost 2 decades.

A total of 45 employees are at the core of Intempus, 15 of whom are licensed Realtors and/or Property Managers. Also at the company’s core are approximately 30 contractors. Intempus Realty’s extended team encompasses a total of 75 contributors in 3 states—California, Indiana, and Nevada, as well as an office presence in Guadalajara, Mexico. Intempus is the parent company for the four Real Estate services offered, which are Real Estate Property Management, Sales, Investment, and Construction.

In 2021, Intempus moved to a new and larger office in downtown Saratoga after experiencing 500% growth in just 5 years. Over the last decade, a partnership with ARIA Wealth Management expanded Intempus Realty’s reach in Saratoga and other markets in the greater Bay Area. This partnership along with stelar reputation resulted in the expansion of new services, including HOA, Commercial and Industrial Property Management.

As of 2022, Intempus Realty has provided real estate and/or property management services to over 4,000 owners and their properties, more than 10,000 tenants and their residences, and approximately 1500 units under HOA management.


Intempus Realty Divisions and Services

As the parent company with four Real Estate divisions, Intempus is a one-stop-shop for all your real estate needs. Our Real Estate departments include Property Management, Real Estate Sales, Construction, and Investment.

All Intempus services related to property management are the responsibility of Intempus Property Management. This includes, but is not limited to, HOA management services, marketing, leasing, tenant relations, rent collections, maintenance, repairs, monthly and annual statements, deposit returns and negotiations, and move in/out inspections.

Intempus’ real estate sales services are the responsibility of Intempus Realty. This includes, but is not limited to, helping with home buying, selling, marketing, investments,1031 exchange consultations, etc.

Our Intempus Investment Division helps clients find properties that offer the highest return on investment. These services include, but are not limited to, property analysis, expert investment consultations, help with buying and selling of real estate investment assets, and real-time investment updates.

Our Intempus Builders division handles construction services that include general construction, interior and exterior renovations, and home repairs.


Awards and Recognition

In recognition of providing top property management services, Intempus was a recipient of the 2021 California 3R Award. For excellence in building services, we were also recipients of the 2017-2021 “People Love Us” Yelp Award.

Intempus has also been recognized as active members of both the California Association of Realtors and the National Association of Residential Property Managers.

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