Questions to Ask When Interviewing Potential HOA Management Companies

Selecting a management company is one of the most consequential decisions an HOA board makes. The management firm oversees critical functions from finances to maintenance to legal compliance. Conducting a comprehensive interview process with prospective companies is key to making the right choice. Here are some of the most important questions HOA boards should ask when evaluating potential management partners.


Company Background


– How long have you been in business as an HOA management company?

– Are you accredited with recognized industry organizations?  

– How many communities do you currently manage?

– What types of properties do you have expertise managing? (high-rise, townhomes, large master-planned, etc.)

– Can you provide some client references we could contact?


You want an established company with extensive experience serving communities similar to yours. A long roster of clients and strong referrals are positive signs.


Staff Experience


– How long have your key personnel like community managers worked for the company?  

– What HOA management certifications and education do they hold?

– Will we have an assigned community manager who knows our property intimately?

– How do you screen and train your on-site employees?


Seek managers with longevity, advanced certifications like PCAM, and specialized training. Having a consistent primary contact is ideal.


Services and Technology


– What specific services are included in your base management fee?

– What optional or a la carte services do you offer and what is the additional pricing? 

– What accounting software do you use? Can you provide sample reports?

– What online portal and mobile apps do you offer for communication and payments?  


Look for comprehensive service bundles and advanced accounting, communication, and resident conveniences like Intempus’ robust suite. 


Operations and Maintenance


– How do you handle after-hours emergencies and service requests?

– What is your vendor selection and oversight process? Do you have local partners?

– How do you solicit and evaluate contractor bids for big projects?

– How will you keep our property looking its best?


Ask for detailed processes demonstrating extensive maintenance experience. Local vendor relationships are ideal.


Governance and Compliance


– How do you stay current on changing laws and compliance regulations?  

– Will you advise us on rule changes and safety programs to minimize risk and litigation?

– Do you offer training for board members on best governance practices?


Seek expertise guiding boards on legal, insurance, safety, risk mitigation and more.


Financial Management


– What controls do you have in place for proper financial management? 

– Can you help us develop an investment policy and advise on reserve allocations?

– Will you provide detailed budget tracking and accurate quarterly/annual financials?


Look for strong fiscal oversight, budgeting, reporting, auditing, and reserve guidance. 


Overall Culture


– What sets your company culture and service approach apart?

– How do you attract and retain quality talent to serve HOA clients?

– Why should we select your company over competitors?


Assess company leadership, values, and accountability that foster positive relationships.


Making the Best Choice for Your Association


Following a rigorous selection process ensures you find the ideal management partner for your HOA. Intempus Management excels across all of the above criteria through our experienced personnel, comprehensive services, cutting-edge technology, fiscal prudence, compliance rigor, and customer-focused culture. Find out why we are a trusted partner for communities across Silicon Valley. Contact Intempus for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to start the conversation.


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