Questions to Ask When Interviewing Potential HOA Management Companies

Selecting a management company is one of the most consequential decisions an HOA board makes. The management firm oversees critical functions from finances to maintenance to legal compliance. Conducting a comprehensive interview process with prospective companies is key to making the right choice. Here are some of the most important questions HOA boards should ask when evaluating potential management partners.


Company Background


– How long have you been in business as an HOA management company?

– Are you accredited with recognized industry organizations?  

– How many communities do you currently manage?

– What types of properties do you have expertise managing? (high-rise, townhomes, large master-planned, etc.)

– Can you provide some client references we could contact?


You want an established company with extensive experience serving communities similar to yours. A long roster of clients and strong referrals are positive signs.


Staff Experience


– How long have your key personnel like community managers worked for the company?  

– What HOA management certifications and education do they hold?

– Will we have an assigned community manager who knows our property intimately?

– How do you screen and train your on-site employees?


Seek managers with longevity, advanced certifications like PCAM, and specialized training. Having a consistent primary contact is ideal.


Services and Technology


– What specific services are included in your base management fee?

– What optional or a la carte services do you offer and what is the additional pricing? 

– What accounting software do you use? Can you provide sample reports?

– What online portal and mobile apps do you offer for communication and payments?  


Look for comprehensive service bundles and advanced accounting, communication, and resident conveniences like Intempus’ robust suite. 


Operations and Maintenance


– How do you handle after-hours emergencies and service requests?

– What is your vendor selection and oversight process? Do you have local partners?

– How do you solicit and evaluate contractor bids for big projects?

– How will you keep our property looking its best?


Ask for detailed processes demonstrating extensive maintenance experience. Local vendor relationships are ideal.


Governance and Compliance


– How do you stay current on changing laws and compliance regulations?  

– Will you advise us on rule changes and safety programs to minimize risk and litigation?

– Do you offer training for board members on best governance practices?


Seek expertise guiding boards on legal, insurance, safety, risk mitigation and more.


Financial Management


– What controls do you have in place for proper financial management? 

– Can you help us develop an investment policy and advise on reserve allocations?

– Will you provide detailed budget tracking and accurate quarterly/annual financials?


Look for strong fiscal oversight, budgeting, reporting, auditing, and reserve guidance. 


Overall Culture


– What sets your company culture and service approach apart?

– How do you attract and retain quality talent to serve HOA clients?

– Why should we select your company over competitors?


Assess company leadership, values, and accountability that foster positive relationships.


Making the Best Choice for Your Association


Following a rigorous selection process ensures you find the ideal management partner for your HOA. Intempus Management excels across all of the above criteria through our experienced personnel, comprehensive services, cutting-edge technology, fiscal prudence, compliance rigor, and customer-focused culture. Find out why we are a trusted partner for communities across Silicon Valley. Contact Intempus for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to start the conversation.


Qualities to Look for When Evaluating HOA Management Companies in Cupertino

Selecting the right HOA management company is one of the most important decisions an HOA board makes. The management company oversees critical operations like maintenance, finances, compliance, communications, and more. In a city like Cupertino with its mix of condos, townhomes, and planned communities, having skilled professional management provides tremendous value. But HOA boards must carefully vet management companies to find the ideal fit. Here are the top criteria associations should look for when evaluating HOA management firms in Cupertino.


Experience Working with Local Communities


Look for HOA management companies with extensive experience serving associations specifically in Cupertino and similar Silicon Valley cities. Local market knowledge helps managers better address community needs and priorities. Ask about the longevity of their area relationships and types of properties served. Domain expertise in the region demonstrates commitment.


For example, Intempus HOA Management has been providing community management services in Cupertino for over 15 years. Our managers understand local architectural standards, city ordinances, vendor pricing, and resident expectations. This enables us to deliver customized solutions honed for Cupertino HOAs.


Strong Financial Management


A management company plays a lead role in the fiscal oversight of the HOA, from budgeting to collecting assessments to managing reserves. Ensure prospective managers have strong financial acumen and reporting capabilities.


Intempus HOA Management handles all aspects of financial management using industry-leading software. Our monthly financial packets provide transparent visibility into budgets vs. actuals, cash balances, general ledgers, and more. We also provide expert consultation on reserve studies, investing excess reserves, and controlling costs.


Robust Technology Capabilities  


Management companies need cutting-edge solutions to provide convenience and efficiency. Look for technology features like:


– Online homeowner portals for account access 24/7

– Digital community notifications by text and email

– Streamlined online payment processing 

– Seamless accounting system integrations

– Paperless cloud storage for records and files

– Mobile apps to connect residents and personnel


Intempus utilizes best-in-class technology to digitize, optimize and simplify association management. Our intuitive homeowner portal and mobile app foster community engagement.


Effective Maintenance Coordination


One of the most vital roles an HOA manager plays is coordinating maintenance for common areas and amenities. Probe their process for scheduling, completing, and quality checking recurring services as well as handling emergencies. Also look for established relationships with trusted Cupertino-area vendors who offer prompt service at competitive rates. 


At Intempus, we have a streamlined maintenance process using tech-enabled tracking and vendor oversight. Our local contractor relationships ensure quality work at the lowest cost. We handle all maintenance so boards can focus on big-picture priorities.


Strong Communication Skills


Day-to-day communication with homeowners, board members, contractors and other stakeholders is imperative. Ensure management companies have systems to keep residents informed via newsletters, emails, mobile alerts, meetings, and the HOA website. Responsiveness to homeowner inquiries is also key.


Our managers excel at consistent communication through multiple channels including our homeowner portal. We field resident requests promptly and encourage community engagement. Keeping homeowners informed and involved leads to harmony.


Focus on Compliance and Risk Reduction


California HOAs must comply with complex laws, insurance requirements, health codes and more. Expert HOA managers are constantly training on regulatory changes and compliance best practices to reduce association risk. Prioritize firms with experience guiding boards on key legal, safety and business continuity issues impacting communities.  


Intempus has dedicated personnel to monitor emerging compliance issues and work with boards to implement loss control and risk management programs. We help associations avoid missteps, litigation and penalties down the road.


Industry Leadership and Education


Look for managers committed to furthering professional development and industry advocacy through groups like CAI and CACM. Active involvement indicates they follow HOA management best practices and prioritize ethics and education.


Our management team contributes to CAI’s curriculum and learning programs. We pursue industry credentials like PCAM certifications to remain leaders in the field. Ongoing education allows us to deliver exceptional service.


When vetting HOA management companies in Cupertino, prioritize firms that check all the boxes above. The Intempus team meets every criterion through our localized experience, financial acumen, robust technology, maintenance coordination, communication excellence, compliance focus, and industry leadership. Discover why over 100 associations trust us to manage their communities. Contact Intempus to find the ideal fit for your HOA.

A Guide to Finding the Best HOA Management Company for Your Community in Silicon Valley


Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) are a common feature in many Silicon Valley communities. If you own a property in one of these communities, you’re likely familiar with HOA fees and assessments. But what exactly are these fees, and how are they determined? In this article, we’ll delve deep into the intricacies of HOA fees and assessments in Silicon Valley, helping you understand where your money goes and why.


  1. What is an HOA?


Before we dive into the fees, it’s essential to understand what an HOA is. An HOA is a governing body that oversees the maintenance and management of shared community spaces, such as parks, pools, and clubhouses. They also enforce community rules and standards, ensuring that the neighborhood remains safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing.


  1. The Basics of HOA Fees


HOA fees, often referred to as dues or assessments, are regular payments made by homeowners to fund the HOA’s operations. These fees cover a wide range of services and amenities, including:


– Maintenance of common areas

– Landscaping

– Security services

– Community events

– Insurance for shared spaces

– Reserve funds for future projects or unexpected expenses


  1. How are HOA Fees Determined?


In Silicon Valley, where property values are high and amenities are top-notch, determining HOA fees is a meticulous process. Here’s how it’s typically done:


– Budgeting: The HOA board, often with the help of property management companies like Intempus Realty, creates an annual budget. This budget outlines all expected expenses for the upcoming year.


 Dividing Costs: Once the total budget is determined, it’s divided among all homeowners in the community. This division can be equal or based on property size, value, or other factors specific to the community.


 Review and Adjust: HOA fees are reviewed annually. If the previous year’s expenses were higher or lower than expected, or if upcoming projects require additional funding, fees might be adjusted accordingly.


  1. Special Assessments

Apart from regular HOA fees, homeowners might occasionally be required to pay special assessments. These are one-time fees levied for specific projects or unexpected expenses not covered by the regular budget. For instance, if a community pool requires significant repairs or if a natural disaster damages shared spaces, a special assessment might be necessary.


  1. The Silicon Valley Factor


Silicon Valley is a unique real estate market. With its tech-driven economy, high property values, and competitive housing market, HOA fees here might differ from other regions. Here’s what sets Silicon Valley apart:


– Higher Standards: Silicon Valley communities often offer premium amenities, from state-of-the-art fitness centers to tech hubs. Maintaining these amenities to the expected standard can result in higher fees.


– Property Values: As property values increase, so does the cost of insurance, which can impact HOA fees.


– Landscaping and Environment: Silicon Valley’s climate requires specific landscaping needs, which can influence maintenance costs.


  1. Benefits of HOA Fees


While no one likes parting with their hard-earned money, HOA fees offer several benefits:


– Property Value Maintenance: Well-maintained amenities and strict community standards can help maintain or even increase property values.


– Shared Costs: Instead of individual homeowners bearing the cost of maintaining shared spaces, the burden is distributed, making it more manageable.


– Community Building: HOA fees often fund community events, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among residents.


  1. Working with a Property Management Company


Understanding and managing HOA fees and assessments can be complex. That’s where property management companies like Intempus Realty come in. With expertise in budgeting, financial planning, and community management, we ensure that your HOA runs smoothly, fees are set appropriately, and homeowners receive value for their money.


HOA fees and assessments are an integral part of living in a managed community in Silicon Valley. While they might seem like just another bill to pay, they play a crucial role in ensuring that your community remains a desirable place to live. By understanding where these fees go and how they’re determined, homeowners can better appreciate the value they receive in return.

For more insights into property management and HOA operations in Silicon Valley, reach out to Intempus Realty. Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way.