Insights from the 2024 CINC Report

In an era where the HOA management sector is rapidly evolving, Intempus Management Company exemplifies innovation and excellence. Our unwavering dedication to enhancing the community living experience motivates us to embrace the latest industry trends and insights. The 2024 CINC Report, rich with in-depth analysis of the community association management (CAM) landscape, offers crucial guidance for HOA management professionals. This discussion explores the report’s pivotal findings and their implications, aiming to elevate HOA management practices.


Top Threats By Audience

Community Associations

Management Companies

Community Managers

HOA/COA education

Deferred maintenance

Deferred maintenance

Deferred maintenance

HOA/COA board education


Homeowner engagement


Underfunded reserves

HOA/COA relations/recruitment

Underfunded reserves

Economic fluctuation


Prioritizing Deferred Maintenance to Preserve Community Integrity


The CINC Report underscores deferred maintenance as a paramount challenge within the HOA management challenges arena. Neglect in community upkeep not only diminishes property values but jeopardizes resident safety. It stresses the importance of proactive maintenance schedules to maintain and elevate community standards. By confronting these challenges, HOA boards safeguard investments and nurture community pride. At Intempus, we champion proactive maintenance strategies, ensuring our communities not only sustain but thrive.


Adapting to Insurance and Legislative Shifts in HOA Management


The landscape of HOA insurance premiums and legislative changes is ever-changing, introducing new complexities for associations, particularly in disaster-prone or heavily regulated areas. The 2024 CINC Report illuminates these shifts, advocating for adaptive strategies to smoothly navigate this evolving terrain. By reevaluating insurance policies and aligning with new legislative requirements, HOAs can mitigate risks and ensure compliance. Intempus is proactive in navigating these waters, collaborating with legal and insurance experts to adeptly guide our communities through these changes, ensuring preparedness and resilience.


Leveraging AI and Technology for Superior HOA Management


The integration of AI in HOA management marks a significant advancement in the CAM field. Innovations, like CINC’s AI tool for homeowners, offer streamlined operations and enhanced service delivery. Yet, with great power comes great responsibility, particularly in secure data management. Intempus leads in adopting these technologies, all the while prioritizing stringent security protocols to safeguard sensitive homeowner information. Our goal is to harness AI and digital solutions to boost efficiency and deliver exceptional services to our communities.


Cultivating Robust Communication and Community Engagement


Effective HOA communication strategies are pivotal for community engagement and strengthening board management relations. The CINC Report emphasizes the importance of robust communication channels in fostering trust and participation among residents. At Intempus, transparent communication is key. We employ a blend of innovative and traditional communication methods to ensure every voice is heard and valued.


In essence, the insights from the 2024 CINC Report serve as a beacon for the future of HOA management. Intempus Management is dedicated to harnessing these insights, setting a new benchmark in the industry. By addressing maintenance proactively, navigating insurance and legislative landscapes adeptly, embracing technological advancements, and fostering effective communication, we are redefining excellence in HOA management. Contact us today to learn more about our HOA services.